Six-Year-Old Girl Brutally Attacked by Bulldogs in Glasgow: Mother Protests Against XL Bully Ban

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A mother, whose six-year-old daughter was attacked by two English Bulldogs, criticized new laws for “failing to shield children.”

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Six-year-old Ruby Kelly was left with lifelong scars after the vicious mauling by the dogs.

The incident occurred when Ruby was playing in her garden in Tollcross, Glasgow, and decided to join another child next door. As she was lifted over a fence to play, the two dogs charged out of a nearby house and attacked her feet and legs.

Recalling the terrifying ordeal, mother Jacqueline, 39, said, “My husband and I were away for the night, so our family was looking after the kids. Ruby and my niece were playing in the front garden, and when Ruby wanted to go next door to play, she was lifted over the fence. As she was lifted, one dog charged and latched onto her leg, followed by the other dog grabbing her foot.”

Witnesses to the attack attempted to free Ruby by punching and kicking the dogs, but they held onto her for about five minutes before finally letting go.

“It took someone throwing a bucket of cold water over them to make them stop. Even after they released Ruby, she had a deep wound on her leg that was bleeding heavily,” Jacqueline added.

Ruby was immediately taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary’s A&E before being transferred to the Royal Hospital for Children, where she stayed overnight.

Upon arrival, Jacqueline was shocked to see Ruby’s leg with flesh hanging inside out.

“It was horrific. She had two severe bites on her thigh and calf, with puncture marks visible on her thigh and tissue hanging inside out from her leg,” she said.

Ruby underwent a short surgery to remove dead skin from her thigh and receive stitches to mend the wounds caused by the September attack.

Two individuals have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with the incident, as confirmed by the police.

Jacqueline is now urging for laws restricting XL bullies to be extended to cover other bulldog breeds.

“Why aren’t the laws protecting children? If a person had done that to another person, they’d be arrested and likely jailed,” she said.

“There needs to be an overhaul of the Dangerous Dog Act because it’s failing to safeguard children.

“Every day, my daughter is traumatized when she encounters these dogs. I fear another child will be hurt or even killed before action is taken,” she continued.

“I couldn’t live with myself if that happened, which is why I’m speaking out.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that two individuals are being reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding the incident.

A Scottish Government spokesperson stated, “This distressing incident highlights the importance of responsible dog ownership and effective enforcement of relevant laws by local authorities and Police Scotland. Scotland’s unique dog control notice regime is aimed at preventing dog attacks, and we are open to suggestions to improve safety.”

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