Eamonn Holmes Set to Discuss Ruth Langsford Split in Revealing Interview Amid Home Departure

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Eamonn Holmes has decided to discuss his separation from Ruth Langsford in his first television appearance since they announced their breakup.

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The news of their 14-year marriage ending surprised fans with a statement released over the weekend.

It has emerged that just before their representatives released the statement, Eamonn left their family residence. Eamonn, 64, reportedly moved out of their £3.25 million Surrey mansion and is now residing in a nearby property.

As he copes with the split, Eamonn is preparing to share details about his second divorce when he returns to GB News on Monday. A source mentioned that the TV host is aware that his audience expects to hear his perspective, and he plans to be open about his experiences.

“Eamonn is candid on air and feels it would be strange to cover daily news without addressing his own, so he’ll make a statement,” they confirmed.

“He’s maintaining a strong front and will display the professionalism he’s known for. Diving into his work will serve as a distraction,” the source told The Sun.

Reports suggest that the couple had parted ways over a year ago but had been trying to salvage their relationship in private. Another source mentioned that Eamonn was reluctant to make their issues public, with the joint statement being driven by Ruth, who was ‘determined’ to move on.

He reportedly expressed to friends his desire to stay out of the public announcement, saying, ‘Ruth can handle it however she wants, just leave me out of it.’

“Eamonn preferred to keep it under wraps. He realized the situation was unsustainable but didn’t want to face it. He’s deeply saddened,” they shared with the Mail On Sunday.

Yesterday, insiders attributed the couple’s split to their individual ‘lives’ diverging due to their careers pulling them in separate directions.

The pair previously co-hosted This Morning until their departure in 2020. While Ruth continued with ITV as a co-host on Loose Women, Eamonn joined GB News and openly criticized his former employer after leaving.

Speculation about their marriage had been rife among fans after the couple had not been seen together for months. Their last public appearance was at The Television and Radio Industries Club awards in 2022.

Friends say the couple grew apart, although Ruth visited Eamonn during a recent hospital stay. Eamonn has been dealing with chronic pain for two years, with Ruth describing it as a ‘challenging’ period for them. In an interview with Woman’s Weekly, Ruth expressed uncertainty about Eamonn’s full recovery.

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