Edinburgh Residents Astonished by Surprise Footage of Celine Dion on City Bus

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An old video of Celine Dion filming a music video in a Scottish city during the 80s has recently reemerged, astonishing the locals.

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The iconic Canadian singer’s track “Lolita” was released in October 1987 and was shot in Edinburgh, which has sparked curiosity among the city’s residents due to an unexpected feature.

A local named Calum shared a segment of the video on TikTok, which was reported by Edinburgh Live. He expressed his bewilderment, particularly about the frequent appearance of the city’s buses in the video. A follower humorously speculated, “Maybe the director just rates buses?”

Calum highlighted on his TikTok: “Did you know Celine Dion shot a music video here in Edinburgh back in the 80s? Strangely, a lot of it seems to happen on a Lothian Bus. It might sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Using Edinburgh makes sense because it’s a beautiful place.

“The part with the Lothian Bus puzzles me more though.”

In the video, Dion starts by exploring the city, then is seen at Waverley before boarding a bus without paying the fare, which Calum amusingly points out.

He remarked: “You see a lot of the bus.

“Princes Street looked greener back then. And she doesn’t even pay the fare, which now explains why our bus fares are so high.

“The rest of the video just shows her wandering around similar spots. You can see her crossing Princes Street one way and then heading towards the St James Centre.

“Later, she seems upset and runs back across the same street, probably shocked by the 1970s architectural horror nearby.”

Many followers expressed their surprise at the prominent role Lothian Buses played in Dion’s video. One commented: “The sight of cars driving on Princes Street really throws me off!”

Others responded: “I absolutely adore this! It’s so randomly wonderful.”

And one remarked: “She knew Edinburgh was up to her level of fabulous.”

Yet another follower humorously noted: “Maybe the director just has a thing for buses?”

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