About us

Welcome to Scottish Policy Now.

Scottish Policy Now is an online magazine that will provide regular news and analysis of changing government policies; regulation; initiatives and legislation and the impact of all of these on Scotland and people living in Scotland.

Scottish Policy Now uses a variety of means to explore, explain and debate the possible impact of planned change, whether initiated by the Scottish Government; the Westminster government; local government; by government agencies and other public bodies or by Scottish civic society.

Our aim is to provide a platform for policy discussion which illuminates the choices made by decision makers and brings together leading thinkers and practitioners to help inform that decision making.

As part of this dialogue we encourage and support informed and critical discussion of initiatives and proposals put forward by governing majorities at Holyrood, Westminster and in council chambers. We will apply the same standards of critical analysis to the views and counter proposals of governing and opposition parties in all those settings.

Regular editions will contain interviews; opinion pieces; debates; legal analysis and other expert review and ‘virtual round tables’. We welcome contributions in various forms from readers which will be moderated by the Editor.

Let us know your views to [email protected]

Scottish Policy Now is distributed free to your screen and can be received either directly or though our website at https://www.scottishpolicynow.co.uk

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