Single Mum Sparks Fest Frenzy with Two New UK Summer Events for Solo Parents

A Scottish mother has rolled out two additional Summer fests for single parents, building on the extraordinary triumph of her initial fest in Angus, thriving for the past couple of years.

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Elaine Harris, who’s history includes modeling and tackling demanding charity challenges, has recently orchestrated a festival that gifts single-parent families with an exhilarating, budget-friendly escapade, all under one roof.

The 43-year-old, a mother to two, kicked off her Single Parents Festival two years back and, astounded by its reception, is now introducing a pair to English sites – Heron’s Way in Farnham and Consall in Stoke-On-Trent.

Chatting with the Record, she shared: “Me and my family, we just love music and mingling but sometimes it’s tough spotting events that welcome families.-

“Some parents I’ve spoke to, they’ve never vacationed solo cause they dread sitting alone whilst others huddle up.

“And that’s precisely the seed from which this festival sprouted.”

The fest in Scotland unfurls at Douglaswood scout camp near Monikie, Angus from July 19 – 24.

Tickets span a week of activities, tailored for little ones, teenagers, and grown-ups alike. The offerings are diverse, ranging from silent discos, bushcraft, and tightrope walking to orienteering and a plethora of musical acts.

The mum expressed: “This festival’s a haven where kids can play to their heart’s delight and adults get the chance to unwind and take a breather.

“Our goal is to lift as much burden off parents’ shoulders so not just the kids, but also the adults can revel to their heart’s content.

“Being part of numerous online communities, I understand that single parenting can be isolating, and nowadays, with folks pinching pennies, it’s even harder to find social outlets, which hits you emotionally.

“This festival’s a beacon, uniting us all, putting us in the same boat which makes striking up a conversation and forging friendships a breeze.

“We’re already nurturing an online community for this year’s goers, a space to mingle before the event. We envision folks returning annually.”

To guarantee a hassle-free experience, families can opt for a pre-erected tent and kit at an additional charge, ensuring they’re set to go on arrival.

Simply arrive, unload, and dive straight into the festival atmosphere.

The fest’s success has soared, and the Dundee-based mum hadn’t fathomed her concept would evolve into a UK-spanning event.

Elaine recounted: “Launching this a few years back, amidst Covid, the goal was to unite single-parent families for camaraderie and fun, sans judgement.

“Little did I expect to see it expand to UK-wide venues so swiftly. With the festivals now nationwide, it’s a chance for more to join our burgeoning Single Parents Festival community.”

With the cost of living in mind, particularly for single parents, the five-day fest is pegged at £250 for adults and £60 per child, with a ‘pay when you can’ plan, interest-free.

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