Scottish Woman Embraces Orange Obsession By Dyeing Hair and Painting Entire Apartment Vibrantly

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Meet the Scottish woman who’s captivated by the color orange – she dons it daily, has orange-hued hair, and resides in an orange-themed apartment.

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Sheri Scott, aged 37, has adored the color since she can recall – attributing it to its “vivid and lively” appeal.

At 21, Sheri transformed her blonde locks into a fiery ginger shade – and recolored it two weeks later because it wasn’t “orange enough.”

Sheri’s closet is now brimming with orange attire – including jeans, shirts, and dresses.

In February 2020, Sheri settled into her two-bedroom apartment, which she has adorned in various tones of orange. Her home features orange walls, sofas, cabinets, heaters, and drawers.

Sheri, a business strategist and content creator from Glasgow, Scotland, commented: “My entire wardrobe is exclusively orange.

“I’ve always been drawn to the animated world – its vivid hues, shapes, and textures have captivated me.

“My style is largely influenced by animation; I often envision myself or think in cartoon imagery.

“I refer to my closet as the ‘orange womb’ because they say your wardrobe space should be neutral for proper dressing, and my neutral is orange.”

Sheri has cherished the color orange for as long as she can remember.

She mentioned: “Cartoons have consistently been a significant influence for me – both aesthetically and personally, and they resonate with me.

“I adore the vibrancy of characters like Miss Piggy, Inspector Gadget, Gonzo Style, and Scooby Doo.

“I believe that cartoons infuse life with fun.”

Sheri advocates for enjoyable wardrobes and is a fan of ‘dopamine dressing’ – wearing vibrant clothes to elevate your mood.

Her wardrobe overflows with orange socks, t-shirts, pants, and dresses.

She stated: “I don’t own a single black item of clothing, except for one black dress that featured lime highlights.

“Wearing black makes me feel like an imposter.

“I find it crucial how clothes make me feel and how I present myself to the world, it’s vital for my self-expression.”

Since moving into her apartment in February 2020, Sheri continues to transform her space into an orange sanctuary.

Sheri expressed: “It fills me with immense joy – it’s truly about self-expression.

“I’m neither an artist nor a musician, so this is how I express myself and relish in the art of play.”

In Sheri’s home, you can spot:

  • Orange radiators
  • Orange teddy bears
  • Orange closets
  • Orange drawers
  • Orange paintings
  • Orange sofas

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