Mother-in-Law’s “Worthy” Test for Son’s Partner Sparks Outrage

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A lady was left steaming when her fiance’s mum devised a ‘test’ to judge if she’s “worthy” of her son. She’s been eager to take their relationship forward, and they’ve begun scouting for a house together.

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This 27-year-old has disclosed that they’ve been eyeing engagement rings and have lightly touched on the idea of starting a family someday. Everything seemed set for a blissful future together – until she bumped into her potential in-laws’ expectations.

She hit Reddit to share her bafflement at how her partner’s kin reacted to the couple’s deepening bond, as reported by The Mirror.

In her Reddit post, she said, “My boyfriend Eric, 29, and I date for three years now. I’ve met his family; they seem nice. We don’t see them much since they’re in my boyfriend’s homeland.

“At dinner, we brought up moving in together ’cause it’s a big deal for us (not engaged yet, though). His folks and brothers were thrilled, then suddenly his youngest sister-in-law’s like, ‘So, will she do the test?’”

Caught off guard, she queried, “what test?” The response floored her. She wrote on: “My boyfriend’s family got this thing where the future mother-in-law tests potential daughters-in-law to see if they’re up to the mark for her sons.”

“I just find it so silly ’cause if my boyfriend thinks I’m alright, then he’s the one to decide, not them.

“His mom says you can’t be a proper housewife or mom if you’re not a skilled homemaker and she’s gotta be sure of that.”

The ‘test’ scrutinizes cleaning prowess, tidiness of their living space, cooking abilities, and proper behavior in various scenarios. She was also told she’d need to ditch her job and handle all domestic chores to let her partner be the provider and enjoy a stress-free home life.

She went on, “His mom and the wives of his three brothers all stay at home. While I respect that, I’m not giving up my career and never led my boyfriend to think I would.

“I loathe chores and would much rather spend on home gadgets and help than do it myself. I laid this out to my boyfriend’s mom and, unsurprisingly, it sparked a row that killed the dinner and our visit.”

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She says her boyfriend “doesn’t mind” if she works or stays home, yet he thinks she should’ve gone along with the “fun tradition,” claiming “it’s just a test and failing wouldn’t have led to rejection.”

With the couple at odds over the ordeal, she sought Reddit’s wisdom, and the crowd was largely in her corner.

One user responded, “Alright. Let’s have him take a test. He can juggle car tyres, change oil, even fix up the transmission, and slap on a new muffler. After that, how about some heavy lifting?

“Can he handle plumbing? Better know how to deal with a dripping tap. Your dad, brothers, and guy pals can rate him on his manhood and see if he’s ready to be a ‘proper’ husband.”

Another chimed in, “I’m all for traditions! How about we start fresh ones? My family men will drop you in the woods with zilch and you’re days away from civilization.

“If you make it back, my family’s men will be judging with scorecards for your injuries, health, and what you hunted. Score over five to win! Good luck!”

A third person said, “I wouldn’t stand for such nonsense. My free time is precious. Wasting it to prove myself to those who should take me as I am? Not worth it.”

And another added, “It just sounds so belittling and condescending. If your boyfriend thinks you’re fine for him, you shouldn’t need to prove a thing to anyone else.”

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