Moscow Apprehends Isis Militants as Hunt Urges Europe’s Anti-Terror Vigilance

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Russian officials have publicized a video of suspected terrorists, blindfolded, being hauled into Moscow’s Investigation Committee hub.

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In a violent terror onslaught at a local concert venue that left 137 dead and the site aflame, four alleged assailants have been detained and face charges.

The quartet, Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda, Shamsidin Fariduni, and Muhammadsobir Fayzov, were presented in court, visibly battered and injured.

Rachabalizoda sported a bandaged ear, purportedly trimmed during his capture, while Fayzov, now wheelchair-bound, seemed to have lost an eye, as per Reuters reports.

Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda remains in jail, awaiting trial in a couple of months.

State-run outlets broadcasted the arrest and grilling of these men post a cop pursuit, with Isis claiming the attack through various videos and messages since last Friday.

The group released a photo of the alleged terrorists and a disturbing clip of them storming the Crocus City Hall’s lobby, firing at civilians.

Footage from government-aligned channels shows one detainee admitting to committing the attack for monetary gain, after recruitment via Telegram.

This unfolds as US Vice President Kamala Harris dismisses Putin’s allegations of Ukrainian complicity in the incident.

“Isis-K is, undoubtedly, behind this tragedy,” she clarified during her ABC News interview.

Crocus City Hall was engulfed in flames Friday evening.

Post-Russia’s most lethal attack in two decades, Putin confirmed 11 arrests, insisting on severe punishment for the perpetrators behind Crocus City Hall’s siege.

Concurrently, Jeremy Hunt has sounded the alarm for European nations to “remain vigilant,” indicating Isis’s persistent capability for large-scale terror acts.

Talking to the press, the chancellor lamented the civilian casualties as a “tragedy,” but reproached Russia for its attempt to implicate Ukraine, invaded by Russia two years prior.

“The Russian government’s words hold little weight. They spew a fog of propaganda to justify their vile Ukraine invasion,” stated Mr. Hunt.

The UK must remain alert to Isis threats, the chancellor emphasized.

“Yet, the loss of innocent lives is always tragic… But Russian statements are to be taken with a huge grain of salt,” he added.

Despite no Russian affirmation of the Isis assertion, Putin claimed the attackers were intercepted en route to Ukraine.

“Preliminary data suggests a Ukrainian-facilitated border escape,” Putin alleged.

Ukraine has flatly rejected these Russian allegations as “baseless and ludicrous.”

“Only Isis is to blame for the assault. Ukraine had no part in it,” asserted US National Security Council’s Adrienne Watson.

Putin has tried to pin the attack on Ukraine.

The US had forewarned Russia of a possible terror threat in Moscow earlier, advising Americans in Russia as well.

Russian netizens are questioning how the attack slipped through despite US tips, given the government’s stringent crackdown on dissent and the media.

In his national address, Putin made no mention of Isis, while Kyiv denounces his attempt to tie Ukraine to the attack, fueling support for the ongoing invasion.

Isis-K, the group known for its savagery, including a 2022 bomb attack at Russia’s embassy in Kabul, has been labeled after a historic region spanning several countries.

Russia has declared a national day of mourning for Sunday.

As the search continues in the concert hall’s ruins, and the casualty count climbs, many await word on the missing since Friday’s attack.

Moscow’s Health Department has started identifying victims via DNA, a process expected to last a fortnight.

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