ISIS Attack on Russian Theatre Claims Lives of Three Children Among 60

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In a brutal assault just outside Moscow, gunmen decked in camo gear unleashed a hail of bullets on a bustling concert venue, resulting in over 60 fatalities, with at least 145 more wounded.

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Three young lives were tragically claimed in the bloodshed, as confirmed by the regional health authorities. ISIS has since stepped forward to assert responsibility for this heinous act.

The assailants, numbering at least four, provoked a massive blaze within the Crocus City Hall where the concert was taking place, which led to the collapse of the structure, state media reports suggest.

Footage capturing the chaos reveals attendees scrambling for safety amidst the echo of gunfire and blasts. It was reported that children were present in the crowd. In the ensuing panic, some concertgoers managed to take refuge in the basement, while others sought safety on the roof, fleeing the gunshots.

The Federal Security Service of Russia has announced that “every possible action is being taken to support those impacted” in the wake of the tragedy.

In the aftermath of the emergency at the Crocus complex, they confirmed that “the special services are conducting a vigorous search operation.”

The U.S. embassy in Russia has acknowledged the situation, aware of the reports indicating a terror-related incident. Meanwhile, Russian prosecutors are labeling the onslaught as “an act of terrorism” and have instigated a criminal investigation.

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