Man’s Headaches Reveal Terminal Cancer with 15-Month Prognosis

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A father faces a grim prognosis of just 15 months to live, after what began as persistent headaches escalated into a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

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Ricky Smith, 39, initially dismissed his headaches as a product of overwork in February. It was only after Katrina Binfield, his partner, expressed concern that he sought medical advice. He claims he was advised to increase his water intake and get some rest.

However, the headaches didn’t subside, prompting Katrina, aged 41, to arrange an eye examination for him. The optometrist discovered bleeding behind both eyes, leading to a referral to a local hospital. A CT scan revealed a brain mass, and subsequent MRI scans confirmed a butterfly glioblastoma that couldn’t be operated on, the Mirror has reported.

Now, Ricky is in a race against time, awaiting biopsy results to determine his treatment options.

The situation is taking its toll on Katrina, a make-up artist from Kent. She shared, “It’s a rollercoaster for us at the moment. There’re moments when Ricky gets forgetful and confused, and I can witness him changing, which is incredibly tough. It’s like I’m watching the man I love transform before me.”

Ricky, a site manager, initially chalked up his headaches to his diligent work ethic, according to Katrina. “The headaches wouldn’t go away, and eventually, he was too ill to work, which is unlike him,” she recounted. “I kept telling him, ‘Rick, this isn’t normal, we need to get you checked out’.”

After being dismissed by the doctor and a lengthy, fruitless wait at Maidstone Hospital, Ricky’s condition led them to an eye test on March 2. Upon seeing the blood behind his retinas, the optometrist urged a return to the hospital.

Following the CT scan, Ricky was misinformed about having a stroke, but an MRI revealed the harsh truth of a tumor. Katrina recalls the devastating moment of diagnosis: “When the consultant was hesitant, Ricky demanded the truth, and upon learning of his tumor, I just collapsed in tears. It was devastating.”

King’s College Hospital in London later confirmed the inoperable cancer and the stark 15-month life expectancy. Ricky underwent a successful biopsy, and now they await treatment options.

The couple has three young children: Louie, eight, Karson, five, and two-year-old Arlo. Breaking the news to them was heart-wrenching, especially with Louie’s sensitive nature. Katrina recounts, “He hugged me and reassured me we’d fight this. Karson, too, showed such strength despite our tears. It feels unreal.”

Friends of the couple have since launched a GoFundMe to raise £75,000 for private care, a milestone 40th birthday for Ricky, and a dream wedding.

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