Dental Health Warning: Dentist Cautions on Dangers of Using Hair as Floss – Potential for Trauma and Long-Term Damage

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A dentist has urged people to avoid flossing their teeth with hair following a peculiar trend on social media. TikTok videos showing how to use a strand of hair to remove food particles from between your teeth have gained traction, but experts warn against it, stressing that only proper dental floss or interdental brushes should be used.

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Andrej Bozic, an oral surgeon at Dentum, cautioned against this unusual hack, stating that it could cause long-term damage to gums. “Flossing is crucial for oral health, and everyone should be doing it every time they brush to remove food and bacteria build-up. However, only dental floss or interdental brushes should be used,” he explained. “Using other materials like hair, cotton, or string could harm your gums, causing trauma and long-term damage.”

While social media can be an excellent resource, some trends can be harmful. Bozic advised against following such advice without consulting a dentist. “Social media can be great for learning, but when trends like this emerge, it’s concerning. Always check with your dentist before trying anything you’ve seen online. And please, don’t pull hair out of your head to use in your mouth – it’s unsanitary and can be harmful,” he warned.

The NHS and dental professionals recommend incorporating floss or interdental brushes into your dental hygiene routine from the age of 12 to ensure proper oral care. “Interdental brushes are ideal because they’re designed to clean plaque between the teeth and come in various sizes. They should fit snugly. If they don’t, then floss is the next best option,” Bozic said.

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