Circus Acrobat Hospitalized Following Dangerous Plunge from ‘Wheel of Death’ Performance

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A circus performer has been hospitalized after falling from the “Wheel of Death” during a show at Blackpool Tower Circus. The accident occurred on Saturday when the performer and a colleague were on the rotating apparatus, and both fell to the ground around 5 pm.

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Paramedics quickly responded to the scene and rushed one of the injured performers to the hospital. The show was halted, and the tent evacuated as a precaution. The performer’s current medical condition has not been publicly disclosed.

Witnesses described the dramatic moment when the performer fell from the rotating contraption, causing distress among the audience. One man took to social media to express concern, writing: “Serious accident at the Blackpool Tower Circus this afternoon. A circus performer fell several feet from the wheel of death stunt onto the circus floor. Paramedics rushed him to hospital, and the circus was evacuated. Praying all is well.”

Another spectator who attended with their children wished the injured acrobat a “speedy recovery.” Another person said online: “In Blackpool Tower with the kids watching the circus when the bloke who was at the top of the wheel of death fell to the ground. Immediately all the audience were escorted out. I hope he is ok.”

An eyewitness reported on social media that the performer “lost [their] balance and fell,” shouting in pain and clutching his shoulder as he hit the ground. They noted that the evacuation of the audience was conducted “safely and calmly.”

The Wheel of Death is a common act in circuses worldwide, involving two or more performers standing on wheels at the ends of a rotating arm. It’s inherently risky due to the high altitude and speed of rotation.

In 1994, Blackpool Tower Circus made headlines when a performer, Neville Campbell, tragically died after falling from the Wheel of Death, landing on his head. He was only 20 years old. More recently, in 2022, an acrobat fell from the same act but thankfully sustained only minor injuries.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Shows and Attractions told the Daily Star at the time: “The Wheel of Death is a very common circus act currently being performed at many UK touring circuses and indeed all over the world. It is a calculated risk, and thankfully, accidents are very rare. That said, these fearless performers spend many years training to do these acts and live for the adrenalin and entertainment of the public.”

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