Celebrating Prince Louis’ Sixth Birthday: A New Photo Released by Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The Prince and Princess of Wales have released a new portrait of Prince Louis to celebrate his sixth birthday. The photograph, taken by Kate in Windsor, has not been edited, according to Palace sources, and serves as a thank-you to those who have sent birthday wishes. This comes five weeks after a Mother’s Day photo sparked controversy.

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The new portrait is likely to please Royal fans, some of whom speculated that no photo would be released to avoid further scandal. A Royal aide had previously mentioned in March that “no firm” decision had been made about sharing a birthday photo, but acknowledged the public’s eagerness to see the Royal children on special occasions like their birthdays.

Earlier today, it was reported that there might not be a photo of Louis, as the press is usually given access to an embargoed image ahead of the Royal children’s birthdays—something that did not occur in this instance.

The decision to release the photo follows a scandal involving photo manipulation earlier this year. Kensington Palace shared a Mother’s Day photo featuring the Princess of Wales and her children, which internet sleuths claimed was manipulated. This claim was later confirmed when major photo agencies pulled the image from circulation. The Palace then issued a statement from Kate, admitting the photo had been edited and apologizing for any confusion caused, adding that she does “occasionally experiment with editing.”

The controversy led to intense speculation about the family’s activities, as the Princess of Wales had not been seen publicly since Christmas Day. It was later revealed that she underwent “planned abdominal surgery” in January and was expected to return to public duties after Easter.

The Princess later released a poignant video announcing that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing “preventative” chemotherapy.

Prince Louis, known for his playful antics, was last seen in public on Christmas Day, during the family’s traditional walk to church on the Sandringham Estate. Princess Charlotte, eight, has also not been seen since Christmas Day, while Prince George, 10, was seen attending a football game with his father, Prince William, earlier this month. The two watched Aston Villa play against the French team Lille in the first leg of the Europa Conference League quarter-final in Birmingham on 11 April.

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