‘Defying Conventional Norms: Why I Choose Not to Wear a Bra at Home, Despite Being Objectified by my Housemate’s Boyfriend’

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Being at home you’d like to wear whatever is most comfortable – but one woman claimed she could feel eyes on her from her flatmate’s boyfriend for going braless.

There’s nothing nicer than getting home after a long day, putting your comfy clothes on, and for women, taking your bra off. However, you’d like to think being at home was a no-judgment zone, right?

Now one woman has revealed her housemate has asked her to wear a bra around the house as her boyfriend feels “uncomfortable” but she simply clapped back and said her housemate was being “stupid” and that it’s not her fault he has been looking.

She then shared how her housemate has called her an “a**hole” as she refused to put a bra on around him and took to Reddit to ask if she was being unreasonable. She explained that for the majority of the week, she is out of the house, returning at 10pm most nights, but at weekends she “barely leaves the apartment”.

“My roommate and I are very close but now she has been biting my head off about me not wearing a bra at home. I was confused. Then she explained that it was about her bf. I laughed in her face and told her to put a bra on his eyes instead. She got very upset but I told her that I wasn’t interested in her bf. Not in the slightest,” the post read.

She then said her housemate “got offended” and claimed the problem wasn’t because her boyfriend was interested, it was because he felt she was “being invasive” and “he felt uncomfortable”. “It is only an issue if we were interested in each other, tell him next time he sees me braless, he can pretend that I am a wall,” she added.

The post concluded: “I called her stupid because I was in my home. I wouldn’t go braless in his home and if he chose to go naked in his home, the only right I have is to get the hell out of there. She called me the a**hole.”

People were quick to weigh in with their opinions on the situation, and one Redditor jibed: “Next time her bf comes in say loudly ‘MY EYES ARE UP HERE!!!’ LOL, he won’t know what the hell you are talking about because he never complained about your braless state,” while another added: “I would literally just ask him ‘does me being comfortable in my own home make you uncomfortable or is your gf just making a big deal out of nothing?’”

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