Backlash faced by Martha from Baby Reindeer for positioning herself as a victim in real life

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The real-life inspiration for “Martha,” the character from the hit TV show Baby Reindeer, has spoken out against online trolls who have threatened to kill her following her story’s publication in the Daily Record.

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After the paper revealed that the woman was living in fear due to the show’s fans trying to identify her, she claims the online harassment has only gotten worse.

The woman, whose story inspired comedian Richard Gadd’s one-man show and Netflix series, now feels her safety is at risk due to the barrage of threatening messages she has received. She describes the trolling as akin to a “cult,” saying, “These people are nutters. It’s a cult thing like the Moonies. I’ve had to block people who say they are determined to stalk me the same way I am stalking them.”

The 58-year-old Scots graduate who lives in London admits that Gadd’s show is based on her. She was given a police caution for harassing the comic, but maintains the online threats against her have crossed a dangerous line. “Some of these stalkers could be dangerous. They could be violent. I could be killed,” she said.

She believes the trolling could lead someone to suicide, stating, “I think this would have driven anyone else to suicide. I really do.” She continues to receive hateful messages, including death threats, and has had to cancel a hospital operation due to the stress and harassment.

The harassment began when Gadd’s Baby Reindeer show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, and escalated after the Netflix series became a hit. A search for “Baby Reindeer” on social media reveals people attempting to identify the woman, originally from the Central Belt.

Despite calls from Gadd for fans to respect privacy, the trolling continues. Gadd’s co-star, Jessica Gunning, who plays Martha, also urged viewers to avoid trying to find out who the character is based on, saying, “That’s not the point of it in any way.”

The woman described the show’s fans as obsessed, likening their behavior to the frenzy surrounding the Johnny Depp trial. “They need to get a life,” she said. “I could be shot like one of those MPs that got shot. I don’t subscribe to Netflix, but these people are binge-watching and living vicariously.”

The popularity of Baby Reindeer, currently the most-watched show on Netflix, has fueled this dangerous curiosity, prompting Gadd and his co-stars to urge restraint and respect for privacy. Despite this, the harassment continues, leaving the real-life “Martha” in fear for her life and questioning the impact of such fanaticism.

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