Women and Minorities Can Save America in November

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I’ve been doing my best to avoid political posts, but after yesterday’s news, I’m just wondering…Does DJT slather Olive Oil all over himself every day? I’ve never known any human being to slither out of so many things, especially all at once.

But, come Monday, if he doesn’t sell 3 or 4 of his most expensive properties, they will be seized, and I sure hope an appeals judge doesn’t block that today, or tomorrow.

I’m getting that some cases against him may not have the solid goods to end up at trial or convict him, but the NYC fraud case was cut and dry, and he broke laws to get more loans for more properties, and overvalued them, as well.

There’s no eking out of that, no matter who you are. Is he right that he’s being pinned down for political purposes? Possibly. I find it hard to believe he is the only property owner in NYC, or any large city that inflates their property values for the same reasons.

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It’s right up the alleyway from the loopholes in our tax system that allows business owners and the wealthy to avoid tons of taxes on their net profits. These loops must be closed by Congress and state authorities, so this kind of stuff stops happening.

The gap can’t get much wider between the rich and poor in America before it all tumbles to the ground, and the American economy collapses under the pressure.

This is not President Biden’s doing. This is the result of greedy and tricky businesses and corporations who don’t care about the consumer unless they are spending money and making the wealthy wealthier.

But when you push so many people, don’t pay your bills, sue everyone, and insult anyone you feel like publicly, you’re attracting attention and asking for punishment.

There are things I’ve heard from some minorities and that are sad, in supporting this guy for President, still. None of the reasons I’ve been given on request or heard have anything other than to do with money.

“He gave us checks during Covid. No one else would do that. He’s the man!”

Really?? The measly checks we all got, who aren’t rich, not just minorities are your sole reason to want a man who jumped on the boat of the Central Park 5 charges right off the bat? Kicked black people out of their homes to take over properties, and turn them into more expensive properties? Who has insulted the color of black and brown people?

How do a couple small checks gloss over any of that other stuff? He doesn’t like or care about you. The checks were both a political and necessary economic move.

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If he didn’t have to sign those checks to save America, he wouldn’t have. He has no respect for you or any of us who are not his wealthy friends, and he won’t be offering you any monetary help again in the future, unless you own a business and care so much about money, you enjoy all the tricky tax credits, like he does.

Other than that, I can’t see one reason for any minorities to support the “Don”.

Also, can we talk about the MAGA women who continue to adore, worship, and honor an admitted and caught on tape major misogynist? Do these ladies really see a God in him, instead of what he is? Do they not care about their own health, personal choices over their own bodies and lives? Is politics, religion, and money that much more important that any woman in America would vote for him in November?

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I guess we will see. The news, polls, and pundits are all offering false notions.

My prediction? The same as 2020 and 2022 elections. DJT will lose. Accept this time, he will lose by more, and Republicans will lose the House, and Biden will win by more votes than 2020.

Then, America can watch as all of Donald J Trump’s support falls away, and the justice system can finally have the freedom and strength to do what they must for the sake of Liberty, Justice, and Democracy.

In 2020, I was harassed, threatened, called names, insulted, laughed at, torn apart by many who felt I was clueless, a joke, full of it, a liberal (which I am not), a liar, and an idiot.

Well, go ahead. Tear me down again, but I’ll speak up next November after the election. If I’m wrong, so be it, and so help America.

Women and minorities, this is your opportunity to shine and save the country and yourselves from worse ahead.

Life is not and should not be all about money.

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