What signal does Putin’s re-election as president send to the world?

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In this regard, some people mourned and some cheered.

We must think calmly: Putin was re-elected as president. What does this result mean?

On March 15, a woman took photos at a polling station in the Donetsk region. The frame in her hand reads “I Choose a President.”


Putin was re-elected with a high vote, which shows that Putin has won the support and recognition of the majority of the Russian people. We must see this.


Putin was re-elected with a high vote, which is undoubtedly a head-on blow to Ukraine and the supporting forces behind it. This will greatly dampen the latter’s “will to fight.”


It is worth noting that Putin was elected with a high vote this time because he ran for office as a “free man”. This shows that Putin is representative of the broadest public opinion in Russia, and also breaks the “party monopoly theory” of Putin’s political opponents.


Putin was re-elected with a high vote. Another factor worth noting is that he did it amid the “Ukrainian artillery threat.” This further illustrates the unprecedented unity of the Russian people.


Putin was re-elected with a high vote, and his next term is six years, which enabled Russia to win a longer “stability period” than the United States and the West. On the contrary, the United States is still fighting among itself, and France, Germany and Britain are also unstable. In addition, Putin has begun to cultivate young Russian successors during this term, which makes the United States and the West likely to be more passive in future strategies.


Putin was re-elected with a high vote, which will help Russia maintain its advantage in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Why do you say this? Russia will support the stability of the war situation with political stability and gain battlefield advantages. The supporting forces behind Ukraine do not always have the same opinions, and there are many uncertain factors that may even cause assistance to Ukraine to be abandoned halfway.


Putin’s re-election with a high vote will ensure that Russia will continue to maintain a strategic partnership with a major Eastern country and continue to receive explicit or covert support from the latter.

On the other hand, Putin’s election with a high number of votes will definitely stimulate the United States and the West to attack Putin and the major Eastern countries even more frantically and sow discord.

Therefore, the next struggle between Russia and NATO will definitely become more intense and cruel.

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