US & Japan Military Exercise Closing China’s Sea.

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United States and Japan begun conducting military exercises, as both China, North Korea, and Russia have stepped up their presence closer in the region. Japanese military has announced that they want to achieve a drastically bigger military, as the current Japanese personnel numbers are relatively low for a nation this big.

Japan lies in a strategic location that United States finds valuable and important, Japanese people would, more than likely, not agree with this statement, as they are literally surrounded by China on one side, North Korea and Russia on the other.

Japanese officials are well aware of the threat Taiwan is currently in, as China would likely see this as a great opportunity to strike Taiwan, as United States is now involved in over 3 wars. The strain on American resources is high. Some people begun to speculate that China sees a green light to start a conflict with Taiwan, as they promised to retake the island, themselves.

Xi Jinping, leader of China, has himself announced that “unification” with Taiwan is totally inevitable. By saying:

During Soviet Union in Russia, they constantly used the word “motherland”, up to this very day they are still using this word, and so is China. A Russian propagandist book named: “Fundamentals of Security and Defence of the Motherland” tells Russian people to join the military and fight against evil…

United States can’t, even though having such power, to sustain 4 different wars. US has already sent huge stockpiles of military aid to Ukraine, which increased its national debt, they also kept supplying missiles, and weapons for Israeli military to successfully defend their homeland. Further, they are currently engaged in a conflict with the Iranian proxy group within Western Yemen.

From a strategic point of view, if China were to attack Taiwan, Russia would step up and increase its offensive. United States promised that they would defend Taiwan, although, US would be involved in direct war with China, a nation that is a close ally of North Korea, and Russia.

Taiwanese military intelligence has reported that during Saturday, 4 different Chinese coast guard navy ships entered its waters. Japan is thought to directly intervene on Taiwan’s behalf if the little island would be under attack, although this is not directly confirmed. China has warned Japan not to do so, or will face consequences.

These Chinese coast guard ships were told to leave, yet they stayed for an hour in Taiwanese waters. Japan and US officials see China as a threat, leaving a new exercise to begin in Japan, focusing on stopping China with their full capacity, by also restricting their access to the open sea.

US Ambassador said the following statement, concerning China:

The main purpose for the exercise conducted by Japanese and American forces, was focused on retaking the island, and by stopping China’s navy and air force from reaching critical parts of the nation.

Japanese Islands Reaching Taiwan.

Multiple navy loading ships which were carrying light armored vehicles were put in service during the exercise. Luckily for Japan, its islands even though being apart by big distances, connect Japan and Taiwan together. Japan has announced that they are planning to fortify these islands, making sure China would be forced to take different routes to reach the open sea.

Japan is planning to build new military bases there, and reinforce the island with missile systems all of which would not only help Taiwanese military, but also make Japan safer. Unfortunately, this is only one problem that Japan has to deal with. North Korea, being Chinese and Russian ally is likely to cooperate with China if this conflict would be launched.

Forcing Japan to fight multi-front war. As one can imagine, this would involve the US military, as well. Further destabilizing the situation between the three nations, the relations between North Korea and US, are already hanging on thin air. As North Korea has focused on their nuclear arsenal advancements, which US condemns.

Japanese military has begun purchasing American made stealth fighter jets, which would give Japanese an advantage in defending their nation, and Taiwan, perhaps. It’s not publicly known the kind radars China is using in its navy vessels and stationary air defense systems, if they are relatively old, they won’t pick up these planes, but if they are regarded as being top-end, these planes would still be somewhat visible to Chinese radar systems.

More than likely, North Korea and Russia do not have this technology, but speaking of China, it’s possible. Based on the fact that they are leading 80% of technological advancements worldwide. Russian started conflict, was merely a beginning of much larger confrontations involving United States.

Three nations, China, Russia, and Iran have already begun their naval exercises together, it just so happens that all three governments of these nations abhor American leadership, American forced global laws, as well as their presence. The main point of the exercise is to strengthen ties between these nations, and to send a message to the US.

The fact that more governmental leaders of nations in question, such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are now sending larger amount of threats(unseen years back in frequency) to the Western nations, rings a lot of bells.

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