UK’s Top Bus Driver Found Over The Legal Alcohol Limit While Working In Scotland

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A Scottish bus driver once crowned the UK’s ‘Driver of the Year’ was allegedly found over the alcohol limit at work, according to reports. Adam Stitt, from Midlothian, was reportedly caught following a breathalyser test on Thursday, February 29. The test came after a passenger and a colleague claimed they could “smell alcohol” on him.

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Stitt was driving the AirLink airport route when he was escorted to the staff room at the Lothian Shandwick Place depot between 10am and 11am, a source said. His employer, Lothian Buses, was informed, leading to further investigation.

A spokesman for the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland confirmed that they were made aware of the incident, stating, “I am able to confirm that Lothian Buses Ltd have notified us.”

Stitt was recognized as the UK’s best bus driver in 2019 for going the “extra mile” for passengers, beating out over 100 other drivers to claim the title. He was described as one of Lothian’s “most knowledgeable and popular drivers.” However, his recent actions have cast a shadow on his once-stellar reputation.

Lothian Buses has a strict policy on drugs and alcohol and conducts regular random tests to ensure compliance. A source, who requested anonymity, said, “Two staff members could smell alcohol on him, and a passenger also reported smelling alcohol while on the bus. He was then brought to the Shandwick Place Hub for a breathalyser test.”

The source explained that Stitt had already driven to the airport at least twice that day, indicating that he might have been under the influence while driving passengers. “He’s a really quiet man and has no reason to do this. It’s just come out of nowhere,” they added.

When contacted by Edinburgh Live, Stitt declined to comment on the allegations, stating, “I do not wish to speak to you regarding any story about me. I just wish to be left alone to move on and get better.”

Lothian Buses issued a brief response, noting their stringent policy on drugs and alcohol, but declined to comment on specific personnel matters. A spokesperson stated, “Lothian has a robust drugs and alcohol policy in place, and all colleagues are subject to regular randomised testing to ensure compliance. We do not comment on matters related to the individual circumstances of existing or former employees.”

Police Scotland indicated that they had no reports of the incident based on the information provided, suggesting that further details might emerge as investigations continue.

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