Trump Criticizes ‘Unfair’ Jury Ahead of Hearing, Potentially Violating Potential Gag Order

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Donald Trump called into a conservative radio show on Monday night to air his grievances about his ongoing trial in New York over hush money payments. His remarks came just hours before Judge Juan Merchan was due to hear a complaint from prosecutors alleging that Trump violated a gag order imposed on him, a move that could lead to fines.

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Speaking on the Real America’s Voice show Outside the Beltway, Trump complained: “This judge – who is a totally conflicted person, by the way – he should not be the judge of this case, he’s so conflicted, nobody’s ever been as conflicted as him, just about. But this judge said I can’t get away from the trial.”

He continued, accusing the judge of rushing the process: “You know he’s rushing the trial. That jury was picked so fast – 95 percent Democrats. The area is mostly all Democrats. You think of it as just a purely Democrat area. It’s a very unfair situation, that I can tell you.”

Trump’s comments about the judge and the jury selection process reflect his ongoing claims that he’s being treated unfairly in the case, which centers on allegations of hush money payments made during his 2016 presidential campaign. The former president’s remarks come at a sensitive time, with the judge set to rule on whether his public statements about the case breached the gag order, potentially leading to penalties.

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