Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Vows to Remain in Office Amid Wife’s Corruption Investigation

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Pedro Sanchez has declared he will remain as Spain’s prime minister while his wife faces scrutiny over corruption allegations.

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He made this announcement on Monday morning after spending several days out of the public eye, contemplating resignation.

A legal complaint against his wife, Begona Gomez, was initiated by a legal group which alleges that Ms. Gomez exploited her position to sway business transactions.

On Wednesday, Mr. Sanchez stated that the allegations were an overly personal assault on his family, prompting him to reassess his priorities.

Nevertheless, after a period of suspense while the country awaited his verdict, the prime minister declared his intention to continue leading the government.

“I have decided to carry on with even greater determination at the government’s forefront,” he stated during a broadcasted address.

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