Shocked Mother Notices Masked Stranger with Crowbar Lurking Outside Scottish Apartment

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A mother was horrified after she spotted a man in a balaclava wielding a crowbar outside her Edinburgh apartment.

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Living in a Calder high-rise, the woman woke up to find her bicycle stolen from the premises on Wednesday, May 15.

As Edinburgh Live reported, she noticed a man skulking outside her residence during the night, holding what appeared to be a crowbar.

The worried inhabitant took to the internet to seek help and shared footage from her video doorbell.

The footage captured the sinister figure roaming the communal area, his face obscured.

The episode apparently went unreported to the authorities.

This event occurred shortly after a masked figure was seen prowling through gardens in Craigentinny.

One local noted it happens frequently, discovering strangers in her garden.

Recorded in the early morning of May 11, the footage revealed a person clad in a t-shirt, jogging pants, and a mask wandering through a private garden.

Additionally, earlier this month, a woman discovered someone “stealing plant pots” from her garden in Clermiston.

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