Scottish Woman Dubbed ‘Stalker’ of Baby Reindeer Claims She is the Actual Victim

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The real-life woman said to be the inspiration for the stalker character “Martha” in the popular Netflix show “Baby Reindeer” claims that she’s the victim, not the stalker. The woman, who has been identified by online sleuths as the person on whom Richard Gadd’s character was based, says that she’s now the one being targeted after fans of the show threatened her life.

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“Fans have made threats to stalk me, even kill me,” the woman told the Record in an exclusive interview. She believes her life has been upended by the accusations made by the Scottish comedian in his series.

Gadd’s show portrays a man harassed by a woman he met while working at a pub. Following his free cup of tea, the storyline depicts an escalating pattern of stalking behavior. But the woman claims these events were heavily exaggerated, insisting that they barely knew each other.

The woman explained, “People are treating me like I’m the stalker, but I’m the victim. I haven’t seen Richard Gadd for over a decade.” She believes Gadd’s version of events does not accurately depict their encounters, noting that she was never alone with him. “There were always other people around,” she said.

After the show’s debut, which has been widely acclaimed, the woman found herself at the center of an internet storm, with fans of the series sending her threats and hateful messages. “I got just two hours’ sleep because of all this. It’s frightening when people say they’ll kill you.”

Despite her ordeal, she remains determined to tell her side of the story. While Gadd and Netflix have both said they didn’t want people finding her to protect her mental health, she insists that she won’t be silenced. “I just want to put this to rest and live my life,” she added.

Gadd’s “Baby Reindeer” has garnered significant attention since its release, with millions of views on Netflix. The storyline’s success has, however, come at a personal cost for the woman who feels unjustly portrayed in the series.

Richard Gadd and Netflix have been approached for comment on the allegations made by the woman in response to the depiction in “Baby Reindeer.”

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