Scottish Tobacco Hound Uncovers £17k in Contraband Cigs and Vapes

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In a concerted effort against unlawful trade, a Scottish tobacco-sniffing canine has unearthed contraband cigarettes and vapes valued at £17,000.

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The dog, Boo, a skilled German Wirehaired Pointer Lab mix, nosed out a significant stash of black-market goods in the retail spaces of Perth and Kinross.

Officials from Trading Standards, with the backup of Police Scotland, conducted a raid on March 19, targeting underhanded sellers.

The bust resulted in the seizure of over 20,000 cigarettes, 188 vapes not adhering to regulation and 900g of loose tobacco.

In total, the merchandise amounted to £17,355, with the taxman missing out on £11,477 in duty.

Perth and Kinross’s own Councillor Tom McEwan, who chairs the Housing and Wellbeing Committee, commented: “Smoking wreaks havoc on heart and lung health, and illegal tobacco, potentially filled with even nastier toxins, is a deeper concern, failing to meet our safety norms.

“The illicit tobacco market not only fuels criminal activities but also robs the Treasury of vital VAT funds.

“Our dedicated officers, alongside our partners, pledge to relentlessly pursue those peddling illegal tobacco in our community shops.”

The canine unit, featuring the tobacco-detecting prowess of Boo, receives its support from Consumer Protection Dogs UK, with funding provided by The Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS).

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