Scottish Driver Hit with £100 Penalty for Executing a Three-Point Turn in Airport Area

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A Scottish tourist was fined £100 for making a three-point turn at Bristol Airport, sparking his vow never to travel to the English city again. Ian Simpson, from Glasgow, received the fine while attempting to return a rental car to the airport, Bristol Live reports.

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Simpson claims he was following his satnav’s instructions when it directed him to a street at the airport. Upon encountering no-entry signs about 25 yards ahead, he made a three-point turn to find the correct way. The fine arrived a month later, and his appeal was unsuccessful, leaving him frustrated and confused about what he could have done differently.

“I was fined £100 for ‘stopping’ in a no-stopping zone,” Simpson said. “I admit that I shouldn’t have stopped, but I needed to do a three-point turn. No one could tell me what else I could have done. It’s frustrating that I was fined and wasn’t given a clear answer on how to avoid it. I see this fine as nothing but entrapment.”

Simpson believes the penalty was unreasonable and is frustrated by the lack of clear guidance on what he should have done. “The fine stung me,” he said. “I believe I haven’t done anything wrong. I did the three-point turn to avoid going into a no-entry area, and the turn took about 40 seconds. This is a poor showing from Bristol Airport.”

A Bristol Airport spokesperson said the airport has longstanding issues with vehicles stopping in unsafe areas, posing a risk to safety and causing delays. “Signs across the site further underline the message to all customers,” the spokesperson explained. “Breaking rules, such as ignoring signs to the exit, attempting to drive into roads marked ‘no entry,’ and stopping on double-red lines, may result in fines. The rules are enforced through fixed cameras and mobile patrols.”

Bristol Airport, notorious for fines related to stops, three-point turns, and parking issues, was recently named one of the most expensive airports in the UK for week-long parking. A report indicated that a week-long parking stay could cost £99 or more, or around £14 a day.

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