Scots Dementia Units Closed by Care Firm, Shocking Families

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One of the top care home operators in Scotland, HC-One, has made the decision to shut down three dementia-specific facilities. These closures are hitting families hard, as they’re now grappling with uncertainty about future care for their loved ones.

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The Milnwood, Mossend, and Orbiston dementia care units, which serve the elderly with severe dementia needs, are set to close at the Hatton Lea home in Bellshill, Lanarkshire. Ann McGill, whose mother Jan resides at Hatton Lea, voiced that the news has left many families in shock.

“These units are the only ones specialized in this area; it’s a mystery where these vulnerable individuals will go,” she said.

The shutdown of these NHS-funded Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care (HBCCC) units was announced to families just this Wednesday. According to the notification, the facilities don’t meet the necessary standards anymore. HBCCC takes care of elderly psychiatric patients with dementia who require additional clinical help. Most residents were transferred here after their needs proved too much for regular care homes.

In the announcement, HC-One explained: “The environment and layout of the three communities at Hatton Lea no longer suit the high level of care our residents need.”

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The care home has concluded that the residents would be better off in different settings and has called for a meeting with families next Tuesday. Health & Social Care North Lanarkshire has clarified that the decision to close was not theirs.

Professor Ross McGuffie, the chief officer, stated: “The firm running Hatton Lea has informed us of their plan to end the HBCCC contract. We’re committed to reviewing each resident’s care to ensure their safety and to support them and their families during this transition.”

A Hatton Lea spokesperson commented: “We recognize when our residents could benefit from alternative care options. Unfortunately, after extensive discussions with our NHS partners, we find ourselves with no other choice but to close the units. We promise not to proceed with the closure until we have ensured all residents have found appropriate alternative care.”

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