Riley Strain’s Autopsy Results In; Family Thanks Nashville Community

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Officials have finished a preliminary autopsy on Riley Strain, the missing student found in Nashville’s Cumberland River.

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The early autopsy results didn’t reveal any signs of foul play, WKRN reports. Strain’s body was located Friday morning, roughly eight miles from his last known location in downtown Nashville, according to police.

The Strain family has expressed immense gratitude for the local support.

“We’re so thankful for everyone, for the support, love, and prayers,” said Michelle Whiteid, Strain’s mother.

Chris Whiteid, Strain’s stepfather, added, “We’re really grateful for what you’ve done — the kindness you’ve shown us.”

The 22-year-old University of Missouri student vanished on March 8 after being expelled from a bar at 10 p.m. A week later, his bank card turned up near the river.

The discovery follows Chris Dingman, a family friend, and Mr. Whiteid telling NewsNation about footage police shared, believed to show Strain’s final moments.

The video captured Strain jogging toward the river, away from his hotel.

Riley Strain, who had been missing for a fortnight, was a 22-year-old studying at the University of Missouri.

From The Independent, a detailed timeline of Strain’s disappearance and last moments:

Nashville police maintain there appears to be no foul play in Riley Strain’s death.

Police informed WKRN that the preliminary autopsy on Riley Strain was complete.

The initial findings correspond with initial police statements after recovering Strain’s body, suggesting his death involved no foul play.

Following the recovery of Strain’s body, Nashville locals gathered for a candlelight vigil.

The vigil took place on Gay Street, Strain’s last known location.

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell has called for caution and mutual mindfulness in the city.

“This is a crucial reminder for us all to care for one another,” said Mr. O’Connell.

A council member is aiming to secure the river area where Strain is thought to have fallen.

“My heart is heavy for Riley’s family and friends,” said District 19 city councilor Jacob Kupin. “I’m pushing for measures to secure the river area where he likely fell. We must ensure his passing is not futile.”

A crowd held a vigil for Riley Strain, hours after his body was found.

Strain was removed from Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink just before the last footage of him alive.

The establishment’s team escorted Strain out due to conduct standards and served him two waters and one alcoholic drink, CNN was told.

At a press briefing, police mentioned that a worker, clearing debris from the river, discovered the body at 7:28 a.m.

Nashville Fire Department retrieved the body from the river.

Mourners held a vigil for Riley Strain, lighting candles hours after the announcement of his body’s recovery.

Two vigil attendees viewed photos of Riley Strain on Friday night.

A candlelight vigil was held on the street where Strain was last seen in footage.

When found, Strain was wearing the unique shirt he had on the night he disappeared.

On that night in downtown Nashville, Strain wore a black and white shirt.

There were reports of a homeless man finding and wearing a similar shirt near the riverbank.

However, at the Friday press conference, police confirmed Strain was still wearing his shirt and watch, aiding in his identification.

Riley Strain’s family, dressed in green, his favorite color, gave a heartfelt statement Friday evening.

Michelle Whiteid, Strain’s mother, addressed the media after her son was found in the Cumberland River.

Riley Strain was visiting Nashville with his fraternity from the University of Missouri, also known as Mizzou.

Delta Chi fraternity and the university were involved in the search, which led to finding Strain in the Cumberland River.

Strain, a senior, had previously visited Nashville. His mother and stepfather are from Springfield, Missouri, approximately 160 miles from the Mizzou campus.

Strain’s body was retrieved from the Cumberland River.

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Hope Cook
29 days ago

I am so saddened by the death of Riley . Prayers for his Mother on the loss of her precious son. I will keep his family and friends in my prayers each day. I can’t imagine how unbearable this is for his family and friends.
Prayers for this tragedy to never happen again on the river banks of the Cumberland river , here in Nashville.