Reform UK Drops Candidate Over Offensive Scotland Remark

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A candidate from Nigel Farage’s right-wing party, Reform UK, was fired after he made inflammatory comments about Scotland, comparing it to a “turd that won’t flush.”

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Beau Dade, who was put forward to run in Swindon South for Reform UK, also took a swipe at the Scottish economy by joking that heroin is one of its main exports.

The party, now led by Richard Tice, is preparing to put up candidates across the UK in the upcoming general election.

By fielding anti-immigration candidates, Reform UK seems poised to split the conservative vote, potentially siphoning support from the Tory party.

Farage holds the title of “honorary president” within Reform UK, yet he hasn’t confirmed whether he’ll throw his hat in the ring in this election cycle.

The controversy erupted following Dade’s appearance on the ‘Full English’ show, where he remarked, “What does Scotland even export? Irn Bru and heroin? It’s laughable. And their population? It’s significantly smaller than Greater London’s.”

He further insulted Scottish-English historical tensions by saying, “To the English, they’re just like this turd that won’t flush. It’s like a recurrent boil. It’d be hysterical if Westminster just gave them independence and then, on the same day, send in troops to completely squash their sovereignty ideas.”

After his comments came to light, a spokesperson for Reform stated to the Record, “We’ve terminated him. We were made aware of his remarks and took swift action, something other parties might not do so quickly. We don’t stand for being represented by such individuals.”

Nick Lowles, head of the anti-racist organization HOPE not hate, which exposed Dade’s statements, commented, “His views are disgusting. If Reform UK wants to avoid a far-right label, they need to vet their candidate list more rigorously.”

Scottish Labour MSP Paul O’Kane expressed relief at Dade’s dismissal but was troubled that he was considered as a candidate by the Reform Party at all. “His toxic, incendiary language has no place in our political discussions and has been rightly condemned. Dade’s credibility and his venomous words have thankfully been disposed of.”

Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine was equally critical, saying, “This candidate’s remarks are completely unacceptable. People throughout the UK will be disgusted by his extremist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Scottish rhetoric. Farage and Tice need to clarify that such views are unwelcome in our political sphere and that they won’t stand for candidates who indulge in ridiculous conspiracy theories and speak of British citizens as if they’re an alien affliction.”

HOPE not hate also discovered an article by Dade advocating for the deportation of immigrants from the UK, regardless of the human rights conditions in their countries of origin. He suggested that if individuals did not comply or reveal their origins, they should face indefinite detention.

In another video, Dade referenced the notorious conservative figure Enoch Powell, suggesting that Powell’s controversial predictions had been understated.

In response to the HOPE not hate report, Dade defiantly tweeted, “And I stand by every word.”

Green MSP Maggie Chapman condemned Dade’s comments as both dangerous and vile, saying they echo the worst of far-right extremism. She emphasized that no one who expresses such views should be welcomed into any respectable political party, let alone be a candidate for Parliament.

Chapman also challenged Reform UK to expel Dade and to explain why he was selected in the first place, questioning why Dade felt so comfortable expressing his radical and racist opinions within the party.

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