Piers Morgan Slammed for Hypocrisy Over Kate Middleton Health Rumors

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Piers Morgan has lashed out at those circulating conspiracy theories about the health of Princess Kate, following her candid revelation about her cancer struggle.

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On a Friday evening video, Kate opened up about her diagnosis with an unspecified cancer type, after undergoing significant abdominal surgery this past January.

The world responded with heartening messages for the Princess, recognizing her request for privacy during this trying period with Prince William and their children.

Morgan expressed his frustration on social media, labeling those who previously spread wild health rumors about Kate yet now call for her privacy as “shameless hypocrites”.

“People on here yelling ‘LEAVE KATE ALONE!’ when they been spouting off crazy conspiracy theories about her, it’s just ridiculous,” he tweeted this Friday. “Just be quiet, you shameless hypocrites.”

Still, critics have called out Morgan for his own comments on the matter. In response to his tweet, a user pointed out: “He was basically saying the same stuff just last week,” while another chimed in: “Maybe you should listen to your own advice, Piers.”

Piers Morgan attacks online critics

Previously, Morgan had remarked on the royal family’s silence about Kate’s health, admitting to hearing some “pretty alarming” rumors on his program, Uncensored.

On the 14th of March episode of his YouTube show, the ex-Good Morning Britain presenter mentioned: “I’ve heard things that, if even a bit of it’s true, it’s pretty worrying what’s going on. None of us really know—we ain’t there.”

While he acknowledged that Kate might actually be recovering well, Morgan also suggested that the Palace’s efforts to dismiss the conspiracies “missed the mark”, and speculated that “the Palace might be hiding something”.

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Piers Morgan comments on supporters of Kate on X

In his New York Post column, Morgan has discussed the speculation about Kate and the royal family’s approach to media rumors, especially after a Mother’s Day photo edit blunder.

He criticized the royal family’s media strategy, stating: “The wild guesses about Kate Middleton’s secret health crisis and absence from public, aggravated by the edited family photo she shared yesterday, alongside the confusion about King Charles’s cancer, it all proves that the old palace technique of media management is outdated and inefficient.”

Before her diagnosis announcement, Morgan warned that his compassion for the Princess would “diminish” if it turned out the Palace had been misleading the public about her condition.

Morgan reflected: “I really feel for Kate having to deal with any health issue that’s kept her out of the public eye and duties for this long.

“But my sympathy will wane if we find out she and the palace deliberately deceived the media and public about when the photo was taken to give a false sense of her health state.”

On Saturday (23 March), Morgan praised Kate’s “clarity and bravery” for making her condition public, remarking: “In just two incredibly moving minutes she put an end to all the wild global conspiracy theories.

“It’s not the usual royal way of handling such news, but it’s been so effective & commendable.”

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