“One of London’s most influential people” says the local paper Evening Standard.

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“One of London’s most influential people” says the local paper Evening Standard.

Who is it?

Vanessa Sanyauke Founder & CEO, Girls Talk London

Article 17/31 for Women’s international month: Vanessa Sanyauke

Vanessa Sanyauke,

Vanessa Sanyauke. Born in North London and with a list of accomplishments a mile long already, this woman is CEO of Girls Talk London.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a company that works in multiple countries to connect younger women, with their older sisters to pull everyone up.

It’s aim is to inspire women into jobs that they may not have considered, and them match them to a female mentor already in said position so the younger one gets both hands on experience and relatable wisdom from her mentor.

The idea is so poplar, big brands like Vodafone, Virgin Media O2, BT, Goldman Sachs and HSBC UK have been helped to create more diversity in roles.

Vanessa Sanyauke, Photo her own

A similar idea that Vanessa is spearheading is the “The Hill App”. It is to connect female talent with better job offers. A matchmaker for workers to work that hopefully fosters their talents better.

Let’s watch this space and see what other heights Vanessa reaches in helping, in her words “one girl at a time.”

Girls Talk. From Vanessa Sanyauke’s Facebook post, 7/06/2022



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