New 100ml Liquid Limit Implemented at Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen Airports: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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A major Scottish airport has lifted its 100ml limit on liquids in hand luggage, allowing passengers to carry more through security. Starting April 26, travelers flying out of Aberdeen International Airport will no longer need to separate their liquids into small containers or use plastic bags. This change is due to the installation of new scanning technology, which is gradually being introduced across the UK.

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Aberdeen is now the third UK airport to adopt the new scanners, following Teesside International and London City Airports. Earlier this month, the UK government announced that all airports must have these new “cutting-edge” scanners by June 2024. The technology not only removes the 100ml limit for liquids but also means passengers can keep electronics like laptops and tablets in their carry-on bags without removing them at security.

William Wallace, Security Manager at Aberdeen International Airport, said: “We are delighted to have the NGSC scanners operational at Aberdeen. We are well ahead of the deadline set by the Government thanks to all the hard work from our staff and contractors.”

While this change will make security checks smoother, it’s important to remember that other airports may still have the 100ml limit. Travelers should check with each airport they pass through to understand the rules and avoid issues.

Aberdeen’s new rules allow passengers to carry up to two liters of liquid in their hand luggage. The airport’s guidelines state that “explosive or flammable liquids, and those considered toxic, are not permitted in either hand or hold luggage.”

Scotland’s other major airports, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, still require liquids to be in 100ml containers, stored in a transparent bag with a one-liter capacity and dimensions of 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in).

Edinburgh Airport advises, “There’s a 100 ml max rule for each liquid you take in your carry-on, so if you’re bringing hold luggage anyway, then it’s easiest to pack them in there.” The same rules apply at Glasgow, where liquids must be separated into small containers in a clear plastic bag.

Despite the relaxation of rules at Aberdeen, passengers should always check for updated security requirements at each airport, especially when traveling to or through other countries. This will ensure a smoother journey and avoid delays at security checkpoints.

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