“National Crisis”: Australian PM Addresses Domestic Violence Concerns Following Widespread Protests

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Monday declared domestic violence a “national crisis” following large-scale protests across the country condemning violence against women.

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Thousands took to the streets in major Australian cities on Sunday to raise awareness of the 27 women who have died from suspected gender-based violence this year, in a country with a population of 27 million.

Albanese said Monday that these rallies were a wake-up call for all levels of government to intensify their efforts to curb gender-based violence.

“It’s clear we need to do more. Empathy alone isn’t enough,” Albanese told Nine Network television.

He emphasized the severity of the problem, stating that “a woman dies every four days on average due to a partner’s violence, and that’s a national crisis.”

Over the weekend, 17 rallies were held across Australia, with an estimated 15,000 people attending the demonstration in Melbourne.

Albanese said he would meet with Australian state and territory leaders on Wednesday to discuss a coordinated response to tackle the issue.

During the protest in Canberra, Albanese, along with Women’s Minister Katy Gallagher and Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth, received a hostile reception from protesters who shouted demands for immediate action.

“Do your job,” and “we want action,” were among the chants directed at the leaders.

Albanese highlighted the need to focus on the perpetrators and to prevent violence, saying, “We need to change the culture, we need to change attitudes, and we need to change the legal system,” he said during the rally.

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