Live: President Trump Successfully Clinches Victory in Four Primary Contests, Including Key Swing State Wisconsin

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Donald Trump resumed his use of the contentious “bloodbath” terminology as he hit the campaign circuit in Michigan and Wisconsin on Tuesday, launching broadsides at President Joe Biden on topics ranging from his policies on immigration to his prowess at golf.

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The ex-president had previously accused the press of deliberately misconstruing his remarks after he employed the graphic term to forecast severe economic fallout for the U.S. auto sector facing challenges from China if he were to lose the upcoming November election.

During his speech in Green Bay, Mr. Trump stated: “I’m here this evening to announce that Joe Biden’s border bloodbath – recall they coined the term bloodbath, though I was referring to something completely different – but this, this is a border bloodbath that ceases the moment I’m sworn in.”

In the ensuing state primaries in Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island, both the Republican figure and Mr. Biden secured additional wins, increasing their delegate counts.

Nevertheless, these numbers have become somewhat moot since both contenders have amassed the necessary delegate support to clinch their party’s nominations for the presidency at the summer conventions.

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