King Charles Lauds Kate’s Bravery Amidst Her Cancer Battle Revelation

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King Charles has expressed a profound admiration for his daughter-in-law, Kate, after she disclosed her battle with cancer.

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The palace released a statement indicating that the King has kept a close vigil with the Princess of Wales, especially during their shared time in the medical facility.

The statement highlighted that both Charles and Queen Camilla are committed to pouring out their love and support for the family during these challenging times.

In a video on Friday, Kate shared that she underwent a significant surgery on January 14 for what was initially thought to be a benign condition, but later tests confirmed the presence of cancer.

Charles voiced his immense pride in Catherine’s bravery for making her struggle public and mentioned he has been in “the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law throughout the past weeks”.

The princess, aged 42, opened up about the diagnosis being a “huge shock” and how she, along with Prince William, has been coping in private to shield their young children.

Further, she mentioned that she has been advised to start a preventative chemotherapy course and is currently in the initial phase of the treatment.

Echoing his earlier sentiments, Charles reiterated his pride in Catherine’s courage and the constant contact they’ve maintained since their hospital stay.

Public support from King Charles for Kate Middleton has been unwavering in light of her cancer diagnosis.

In a parallel struggle, the King is facing his own cancer treatment, having announced his diagnosis in January, coinciding with the news of Kate’s hospitalization post-surgery.

While Charles has taken a step back from his royal engagements, with Camilla stepping in for an event in Belfast, he remains active behind the scenes, including a recent meeting with British veterans of the Korean War before a palace reception commemorating the 70th anniversary of the conflict.

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