Kilmarnock Fans Conduct Successful Fast-selling Football Tops Event, Raising Significant Funds for Charity

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Die-hard Kilmarnock FC supporters quickly bought up all the football strips in less than 20 minutes to support a charitable cause.

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A range of Killie’s jerseys, including a rare Sports Division shirt and other collectibles, were donated to a Salvation Army store in the town center.

Store manager Ashley Aitken expressed her excitement about the special donations and decided to generate some local excitement to sell them.

Ashley promoted the club merchandise on social media and set up a display in the store window to draw in buyers. The jerseys sold out in under 20 minutes, raising £180 for charity in the process.

Ashley commented: “My little store usually does okay, it keeps things moving, but the excitement these tops generated meant they disappeared in 20 minutes. The rest of the day, my store was bustling. My Facebook page got a lot more attention, which is crucial for us in our fundraising efforts.

“We managed to raise about £180 and perhaps attracted some new patrons, but the overwhelming passion for Killie FC was what really stood out for me.

“The fans are incredible, and it’s such a positively vibrant community.”

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