Keir Starmer is saying everyone should ‘back off’ and give Kate Middleton some privacy after undergoing abdominal surgery.

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The Labour leader expressed his sentiments, stating it’s his “human response” as “a dad and a human being”.

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When asked if he feels sympathy for Kate, he responded to Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine, saying, “Yeah. I think we should let her be.”

“She’s gone through a tough operation, and she deserves her privacy.”

He further stated, “We should just back off and let her be alone… It’s not just a political answer, it’s a human one, as a dad and a human being.”

Sir Keir’s remarks come amidst rumors that up to three individuals might have been involved in allegedly accessing Kate’s private information after she left the London Clinic in January.

Earlier, health minister Dame Andrea Leadsom informed Sky News that the attempt to access Kate’s records was “totally outrageous”, remarking, “Obviously, it’s up to the Information Commissioner but every patient has their right to privacy.”

The UK privacy and data protection watchdog stated it had received a report of breach and is “assessing” the details.

Kate was reportedly sighted shopping at Windsor Farm Shop.

These reports have surfaced amid the social media uproar surrounding Kate’s health, her absence from public appearances, and a photoshopped picture circulated on Mother’s Day.

This week, Kate was supposedly spotted with her husband at Windsor Farm Shop near their Adelaide cottage within the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Downing Street also urged the public to “support” Kate as she recuperates amidst a flurry of conspiracy theories about her health.

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