Kate’s Diagnosis Secret From Harry & Meghan, False AI Claims Ignite Fury

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Reportedly, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan found out about Kate’s struggle with cancer from the TV announcement.

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A source confided to The Times that due to the tense ties with the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Sussexes weren’t given a heads-up before the public statement last Friday.

Just yesterday, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams mentioned to The Sun that this choice likely stems from trust issues with the Sussexes.

He explained, “The reason, of course, is they’ve been stirring up non-stop trouble for the Royal Family for around four years, hence the trust just ain’t there,” he claimed.

Amidst all this, wild conspiracy theories are making rounds on social media following Kate’s deeply personal video on Friday, where she courageously disclosed her January 14 surgery and subsequent cancer diagnosis.

Some netizens on platforms like X have ridiculously suggested the video was concocted by AI.

These claims, despite being algorithmically amplified, have sparked widespread indignation, including a sharp rebuke from the Daily Mirror’s royal correspondent Russell Myers who criticized the “torrent of conspiracy theories.”

He pointedly remarked, “It’s time we all do some soul-searching as a society.”

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