James Middleton’s Heartfelt Support for Sister Kate Amid Cancer Battle

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The Princess of Wales’s brother, James Middleton, has delivered a heartfelt message of solidarity, pledging his unwavering support following Kate’s cancer diagnosis.

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Posting a touching throwback photo on Instagram, 36-year-old James Middleton shared: “Through the years, we’ve scaled numerous mountains together. As a family, we’ll tackle this one alongside you.”

Just hours following the news that the 42-year-old mother of three is starting preventative chemotherapy, James conveyed his encouragement.

Kate, in a video statement, conveyed shock upon receiving her diagnosis, which came to light after major abdominal surgery in January.

While the specifics of the cancer remain undisclosed, the future queen remains optimistic, reporting herself as “well and steadily gaining strength.”

Her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, 58, withdrew from the Celebrity Big Brother finale in light of the announcement.

Posting on X, which used to be Twitter, he expressed: “Given today’s developments, I’m foregoing tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother culmination. I’m grateful to my fellow contestants and everyone behind this fantastic show. Have a great evening.”

Political figures from all walks have shown compassion towards Kate and condemned the “intense scrutiny” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claims she endures from parts of the global media and social media.

Lord David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, praised Kate’s courage on X, saying: “The princess’s fortitude – to speak so openly, amidst the pressures of fame and raising a young family – is extraordinary and garnering worldwide admiration.”

Following the release of the video, recorded in Windsor on Wednesday, the couple expressed their profound appreciation for the public’s goodwill which has deeply touched them.

The timing of the video, coinciding with the start of the Easter holiday for William and Kate’s children, was chosen to spare them from media exposure concerning their mother’s health.

The length of Kate’s treatment is unknown, but she aims to attend public engagements when feasible, according to the doctors’ recommendations, though not resuming full-time royal duties.

Prince William is set to continue juggling his support for Kate and their family with his royal responsibilities, planning to return to public engagements once the children’s Easter break ends.

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