In the 1930s, the ‘America Firsters’ Saw Little Reason to Stop

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The Hastert Rule, named after the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (1999–2007), is also known as the “majority of the majority rule.” In simple language, if a majority of the ruling does not support a bill, then the speaker has the right not to allow the bill to go to the floor to be voted on.

The Hastert Rule systematizes Republican obstruction in Congress. Democrats do not govern using such a ridiculous, poor-sport rule. They are okay with allowing compromises to be hobbled together, as is the case currently with support for Ukraine. A majority of the cowardly and historically ignorant Republicans in Congress don’t want to support Ukraine — they think Putin is the cat’s meow. There are, however, enough Republicans who understand the importance of stopping Putin, and together with Democracy, they have enough votes to pass support for Ukraine. MAGA Mike, however, will not let the vote go to the floor.

In the 1930s, Charles Lindberg was the face of the “America Firsters.” Isolationists who didn’t think the U.S. was strong enough to confront Nazi Germany. The country was struggling to come out of the Great Depression, and the scars of World War I had not yet healed. The last thing this group wanted was the idea of getting involved in another world war between European nations. They wanted the United States to focus on North America and the problems that most affected the country — not whether or not the English would soon be forced to learn German or not.

While, of course, I would never have supported this approach in the 1930s, there is a glimmer of rationality. The country was still suffering the worst economic meltdown in its history, and so it may have seemed imprudent to run off to save Europe when our own country seemed to be imploding. The situation today, however, is completely different. MAGidiots aren’t seeking to isolate the country as much as they are forcing the country to react to the world according to the whims of Donald Trump.

Johnson and the rest of the House MAGidiots insincerely demand a border security bill, but when presented with one that border security guards said was the most comprehensive one in a generation, they refused to support it solely because Trump said, “It will be bad for me if Biden passes this thing.”

Johnson and the rest of the cowards are too afraid to stand up to Trump, and so they happily support Putin’s war of genocide against Ukraine despite the simple and incontrovertible fact that a Kremlin victory in Ukraine greatly threatens the security of the world. They choose not some grand principle and stride to some version of the world as they see it, but rather everything they do — and don’t do — is because of their loyalty and love for their king.

With Putin’s “landslide re-election” — sarcasm — he has made it clear to everyone listening that what will define him and Russia in the future will be a complete victory in Ukraine. While accomplishing that is not as easy as the dictator makes it out to be, the new spring offensive that will soon commence will surely be a lot more successful than last year and the year before, thanks to Trump and the pro-Putin Republican Party. The few Republicans who used to be against Putin are now supporting the Kremlin since Trump became the nominee.

I have said many times in the past, and I repeat it: What world are we living in that Republicans in the United States are allied with the Kremlin in Moscow?

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