GOP Blocks Biden Impeachment Move in House Vote

House Republicans James Comer and Jim Jordan, who are spearheading an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, didn’t back up Representative Jared Moskowitz’s, a Democrat from Florida, motion to impeach the prez.

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On Wednesday, Moskowitz tried to get a vote on his motion, aiming to expose what he’s called a “phony” investigation by the GOP. Comer, hailing from Kentucky and leading the House Oversight Committee, has been digging into whether Joe Biden played a part in his son Hunter’s overseas business deals, with Jordan, the Ohio Republican who runs the House Judiciary Committee, pitching in.

The White House has been firm in denying Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business stuff, calling the whole thing a “groundless political ploy.” Comer and Jordan have been on this case for over a year now, claiming they’ve got the dirt on Biden but haven’t pushed for a vote yet.

Here’s the scoop:
Moskowitz, who’s on the Oversight Committee, called out Comer during a hearing about the impeachment probe.

“Why don’t we just get the impeachment over with?” he challenged. “If y’all are so sure he’s guilty of a big crime, why the wait?

“And Chairman Jordan’s right here too. What’s the hold-up on your end? When’s the vote gonna be?”

Jordan hit back, saying, “We don’t rush impeachments like you do. We take our time to get the facts straight, the way the Constitution says.”

Moskowitz threw it out to the American folks, saying, “They’ve got nothing on him. No serious crime, no call for impeachment.”

He even tried to egg Jordan on to support a motion to impeach Biden.

“C’mon, let’s do it today,” Moskowitz pressed. “I’ll kick it off, Mr. Chairman. Help you out. You can second it, can’t you? I say we impeach President Biden, go on.”

But Jordan and Comer didn’t make a peep.

Moskowitz then turned to the public, “They’re not gonna impeach Joe Biden. Won’t happen ’cause they’ve got squat. It’s all for show.”

An Oversight Committee rep threw shade at Moskowitz when Newsweek asked for their two cents on Wednesday: “Rep. Moscowitz came dressed up. He’s not playing the serious congressman role.”

They were poking fun at the Putin mask Moscowitz sported on his way to the hearing, using it to jab at the House Republicans for buying into what he sees as Moscow’s tall tales. For the record, he didn’t wear it in the hearing.

When the press quizzed him about the mask, Moscowitz did his best Putin impression: “Just popped by to thank James Comer for scooping up all our intel for the committee’s use.”

Newsweek’s been trying to get comments from Biden’s camp and the White House, and also from Jordan and Moskowitz.

Comer’s take:
During his opening at the hearing, Comer went hard, saying Biden’s either in on the game or clueless about his family’s biz moves.

“Over a year of digging, and it’s clear the Bidens aren’t your typical working folks,” Comer stated. “They don’t consult, practice law, or give advice. They’re not selling goods or services or expertise. The Bidens are all about Joe Biden.”

He sees it two ways: Either Joe Biden’s fully aware and just plays it cool to keep a ‘might be innocent’ vibe, or he’s just an out-of-the-loop old man with a shaky memory, like the DOJ’s Special Counsel Robert Hur painted him in a February report.

What’s on the horizon?
As Comer and Jordan keep on with their impeachment investigation, President Biden is out there campaigning for another round at the White House against Trump, the likely GOP pick.

In a head-to-head, Biden’s just a smidge ahead of Trump in a new The Economist/YouGov poll. He’s up by 1 point, 44 to 43 percent. This poll chatted up 1,682 U.S. adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus about 3.6 percent (adjusted for weighting) and 3.4 percent (for those registered to vote).

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