Gary Goldsmith Spills Royal Secrets Including His Greeting to Prince William

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Kate Middleton’s forthright uncle has spilled sensational details about the monarchy in a poorly-timed exposé released mere hours after the princess’s cancer news emerged.

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At 58, Gary Goldsmith, who’s jokingly dubbed himself the “buncle” or bad uncle of Britain’s darling, Kate, is known for stirring up the press.

The “self-made millionaire” grabbed headlines again with his recent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, where he lambasted Harry and Meghan and showed his backing for Donald Trump.

He left the show after just four nights, but Goldsmith, who claimed he was on the reality show to salvage his tarnished name, sat down with The Times for a bombshell interview.

Goldsmith’s tumultuous revelations included yelling “Oi you f*****” upon meeting Prince William, branding Meghan as “laughing girl” for supposedly accusing Kate of racism, criticizing the infamous Prince Andrew, pondering “foolish” Harry’s potential UK return, and describing his sister Carole as “sly and cunning”.

Goldsmith voiced remorse over the article’s release timing

This morning on Twitter/X, he apologized for the interview’s timing, stating: “As some might’ve noticed, The Times magazine will feature me this Saturday. This piece was penned more than a week ago, preceding my awareness of my niece Kate’s distressing news.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Kate and our family at this challenging juncture. I’m profoundly disturbed by the timing of this article. I hope this ends the ongoing rumors and vile theories. It’s time to extend patience and affection to Kate, William, and the kids.”

Below are the most incendiary details from Goldsmith’s candid interview.

“Oi you f*****”

Goldsmith reminisced about his first encounter with William in 2006 in Ibiza at his “Maison de Bang Bang,” where he famously greeted the future monarch with “oi you f*****” after a mishap with a decorative piece.

The remark startled the security detail, Goldsmith noted, but it didn’t dampen the spirited vacation.

A friend of Goldsmith’s showed William the ropes of DJing, cheering him on with “the king is in da house,” he recounted.

Meghan Markle as “Laughing Girl”

Goldsmith seethed about Meghan Markle – whom he dubs “laughing girl” – asserting his niece couldn’t be racist because he and Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, were raised in a diverse environment.

He expressed, “It’s maddening to think laughing girl labels Kate as racist. Kate celebrates her family’s background.”

Goldsmith also predicted Meghan’s transient presence, labeling her as “unpredictable” and detrimental to “Harry and the nation” and claimed she disrupted the trio of Harry, Kate, and William.

Goldsmith criticized Meghan Markle

“I’m likelier to be on the palace balcony than Prince Andrew”

Sporting various tattoos, including “it’s Gary’s world, you just live in it,” Goldsmith sympathized with the royals for having an undesirable uncle figure like Prince Andrew.

“The sheer ego and innocence of Andrew astound me. I’ve shared a room with him; that was more than enough,” he stated.

He concluded that his chances of appearing on the palace balcony were greater than those of the shamed prince.

Prince Andrew and his ex-spouse Sarah Ferguson, who was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a skin cancer type

“Harry might come back to the UK – if he apologizes”

Goldsmith took several swipes at Prince Harry, criticizing his American “corporate dollar” chase, his intelligence, and his book, Spare.

With a new hair transplant, the uncle speculated that Harry might eventually return to his roots and roles, should he express remorse.

He also slammed Harry’s naivety for expecting to maintain good relations with the family after publishing an inflammatory memoir.

He further ridiculed the book as “pitiful” because it detailed Harry’s emotional moment during a spat with William, who had called Meghan “impolite” and “harsh,” leading to a physical altercation where William damaged Harry’s necklace.

“Harry wouldn’t be picked for my pub quiz team, yet he was adored by us all and had the best gig going. He enjoyed all the perks with fewer obligations,” Goldsmith remarked.

Goldsmith anticipates Harry’s UK return

“Kate’s mother is sly and cunning”

The millionaire disparaged The Crown’s depiction of William and Kate’s courtship, which suggested it was orchestrated by his sister Carole’s manipulation.

Goldsmith, who likens himself to a pirate, declared: “All the chatter about Carole orchestrating Kate and William’s pairing in a Hungerford abode is nonsense.

“Yes, my sister can be sly and cunning. She’s like me – that’s the essence of entrepreneurship.”

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