Funeral Flowers for Armed Rolex Robber Display Unique Arrangements: Machine Gun, Bolt Cutters, Balaclavas

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Mourners at the funeral of a notorious armed robber paid homage to his criminal career with floral tributes depicting the tools of his trade, including a submachine gun, balaclava, and bolt cutters.

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The funeral service for Matthew Ferry, a 33-year-old convicted felon who died in prison, was held at Edinburgh’s Mortonhall Crematorium before he was buried at Saughton Cemetery. The arrangements included a Mac-10 submachine gun, a burner phone, and signage referencing the jewellery store he robbed of £250,000 at gunpoint. Other floral tributes took the shape of Rolex and Cartier watches, with one wreath spelling out “Smash and Grab” in large letters.

One mourner described the service as “the most remarkable funeral I’ve ever been to,” likening it to a scene from “The Sopranos.” Family members, friends, and gangland figures attended the funeral for Ferry, who was serving a 13-year sentence at HMP Edinburgh for the armed robbery of a Laing’s jewellery store in 2015. He was found dead in his cell on March 25, prompting a fatal accident inquiry following a suspected drug overdose.

A wake followed the funeral at the Silver Wing pub, with a heavy police presence, though officers reportedly kept their distance. The mourner said, “Matthew Ferry had carried out a pretty well-known crime. But he was very well liked in Edinburgh, and there were hundreds at the funeral and the wake at the Silver Wing pub later. There was a police presence at the wake as well, but they kept their distance.”

Ferry’s friends and family paid tribute to him on social media. A dedicated page on Facebook featured messages of condolence, with one reading, “This site is a tribute to Matthew Ferry. He is much loved and will always be remembered.” Cousin Tommy Hood wrote, “Rest easy Matthew Ferry. You got a top turnout from all the boys that meant most to you. Loved and missed by many, many people.”

Ferry was part of a gang that robbed Laing’s jewellery store in Edinburgh’s Frederick Street. During the heist, Ferry, hooded and armed, pointed a gun at the store manager, demanding, “Put the fing watches in the fing bag or I’ll shoot you.” The incident, caught on CCTV, left shop staff traumatized and requiring counseling.

The store’s managing director tracked Ferry through the streets after the robbery, getting passers-by to take photos of his getaway taxi. These images helped police locate Ferry, who was later found at his grandmother’s house, where he had hidden a powerful Mac-10 submachine gun and heroin valued at £50,000.

Ferry eventually pleaded guilty to armed robbery, assault, abduction, possession of a machine gun, and involvement in drug dealing. The watches stolen in the heist, estimated to be worth £230,000, have never been recovered, although he dropped £23,000 worth of stock as he fled the scene.

Laing’s, a family-owned business established in 1940 with branches across the UK, noted on its website that it offers “the finest diamonds in the city, all hand-picked by our 5th generation owner Michael Laing OBE.”

Ferry’s sudden death and the subsequent inquiries have raised questions about the safety and security within HMP Edinburgh, as well as the broader issues surrounding crime and punishment.

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