Former Aggressive Police Officer Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Harrowing Sexual and Physical Abuse

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A disgraced ex-officer from the Highlands has been imprisoned for a series of abuses and sexual crimes that occurred over three years.

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On May 15, Christopher Wylie was presented in the High Court in Edinburgh.

The 47-year-old faced imprisonment for multiple abusive and sexual crimes committed in the Sutherland region of the Scottish Highlands from April 2019 to December 2021.

Wylie choked a woman and made a threatening move towards her with a knife in his hand during abusive acts over a period of 20 months.

A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh stated to him: “Such actions are surely going to result in a considerable time behind bars.”

Judge Michael O’Grady KC mentioned that Wylie’s actions towards the woman were horrific, prolonged, and demeaning.

Wylie, who entered the police force in 2009 and served for nearly a decade, coerced the woman into sex without her consent and proposed to another man to have sex with her in exchange for drugs.

He refuted the charges at an earlier trial at the High Court in Inverness but was convicted by the jury’s verdict.

His defence lawyer, Brian McConnachie KC, noted that Wylie was evaluated as having a low risk of reoffending.

He noted that while in detention, Wylie was moved from Inverness prison to a facility in Dumfries and mentioned: “Given his past as a cop, his time in jail might prove tougher for him than for an average individual.”

After the court session, Detective Constable Emma Ellis remarked: “I trust this verdict offers some closure for his victim.

“Sexual abuse is unacceptable in our society, and we urge anyone who is suffering from abuse, or knows someone who is, to come forward. We will act regardless of the time elapsed.”

She further stated: “Those who wish to report such crimes can directly contact Police Scotland at 101, or through our partner organizations. All reports will be thoroughly pursued.”

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