Ferguson Marine CEO Announces a New and Disappointing Delay in Ferry Delivery

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The first of two long-delayed ferries being built for CalMac will not be ready until the end of July, shipyard officials have confirmed, in the latest setback to a project that has been plagued by delays and budget overruns.

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In a progress report submitted to the Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee, Ferguson Marine, the state-owned shipyard in Port Glasgow, announced that the delivery date for the Glen Sannox, one of the two ferries under construction, has been pushed to 31 July.

John Petticrew, the recently appointed chief executive of Ferguson Marine, acknowledged that the delay would be a “disappointment,” particularly for the residents of the Isle of Arran, where the Glen Sannox is expected to enter service. The ferry, along with its sister ship, the Glen Rosa, is now more than six years late and is expected to cost about three times the original estimate of £97 million.

In his update, Petticrew explained that the cost of the Glen Sannox should range between £145.5 million and £149.1 million. He stated, “We remain confident we can close within this range.” The shipyard attributed the delay to the “particularly challenging” installation of the liquified natural gas (LNG) system, which has required specialized expertise that has been in short supply in the UK.

Despite this latest setback, Petticrew said the shipyard “remains confident” that the Glen Rosa will be completed by September 2025 and that the cost will “not exceed a maximum of £150 million.”

Scottish Conservative transport spokesperson Graham Simpson criticized the ongoing delays, calling them a “huge blow to Scotland’s betrayed island communities.” He added that the delay means another peak holiday season will be affected by a “decrepit fleet that simply can’t be relied upon.”

Simpson also noted that while senior figures at Ferguson Marine and CalMac have lost their jobs, no SNP minister has been held accountable for what he described as a “national scandal.”

Economy, Net Zero, and Energy Secretary Mairi McAllan said the further delay to the Glen Sannox was “unacceptable and disappointing,” but added that she was pleased the interim CEO indicated this would be the final delay and that cost forecasts remained stable.

“I will continue to impress on both him and the Ferguson Marine board the importance of ensuring both ferries enter service as soon as possible,” McAllan stated.

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