Ezra Miller’s Role Recast in Wake of Multiple Controversial Incidents: A Noteworthy Change in Hollywood

Ezra Miller’s gig voicing the unhinged scientist D A Sinclair in the hit toon show Invincible? That’s been handed over to Eric Bauza for season two’s run, stepping into the mad scientist’s shoes.

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Miller, hitting 31, is the face behind The Flash in the DC flick and has been caught up in a bunch of messy scandals and legal scrapes.

Back in Invincible’s first season, Miller—who rolls with they/them pronouns—gave voice to Sinclair, a deranged doc who’s into offing folks and flipping them into robot-zombies called ReAnimen.

But when this baddie popped up again in the second season, which you can catch on Amazon Prime Video right now, it was Eric Bauza, 44, lending his pipes to the role. Bauza’s no newbie, with gigs like X-Men ‘97 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under his belt.

The drama with Miller goes way back to 2020, starting with this clip blowing up on Twitter that seemed to catch the actor in a chokehold throwdown with a lady at some bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. That whole deal? Miller walked away without any charges.

Then there’s the heat they got for supposedly playing mind games, getting all intimidating, and putting the safety of 18-year-old indigenous advocate Tokata Iron Eyes on the line.

Chewing over it with The Independent, the teen’s dad tossed out claims that Miller was doling out booze, weed, and LSD to them since they were 12. Tokata Iron Eyes shut down those chat that they got mistreated or brainwashed by Miller.

Come May 2022, Miller faced the music for supposedly lifting booze in Vermont. The local cops dropped a line saying they got tipped off about a few stolen liquor bottles from a place on County Rd in Stamford on May 1st.

Miller came out with a sorry in August ’22, admitting to wrestling with some hefty mental health battles. At The Flash’s big show last year, Miller threw a thank you to the DC squad—shoutouts to James Gunn, Peter Safran, Warner Bros Discovery’s head honcho David Zaslav, and the Warner Bros Film Group leaders Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy—for sticking by them through the rollercoaster that’s been their life.

Miller also tipped their hat for making the movie moment happen, giving a nod to the film’s hiccups and the fan threats to skip out on it.

Louis Chilton of The Independent gave Invincible’s first act a three-star look, writing: “Invincible can feel a bit second-hand; maybe it was fresher in its original comic form back in the early 2000s. It’s got its share of straight-up spoof characters (like the Batman wannabe ‘Darkwing’), and you could tick off a list of bits and pieces that you’ve seen elsewhere like in Watchmen, The Incredibles, Sky High, or Misfits.

“Still, it’s got some solid underpinnings for a premise, and just enough twist to make you overlook that you’ve probably run into this kind of tale a bunch of times already.”

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