Ex-Rangers Execs Threaten Bankruptcy on Blogger for Defamatory ‘Gangster’ Claims

Two former bus magnates have warned a blogger with bankruptcy after he wrongfully tagged them as organized crime participants.

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Ex-Rangers officials, Sandy Easdale, aged 55, and his sibling James, 52, received £200,000 each from the Court of Session in Edinburgh last May.

The duo is now chasing Paul Hendry for the combined sum of £400,000 following the closure of his criminal proceedings the past month.

Hendry, 59, had labelled the entrepreneurs as “gangsters” across various YouTube and X (Twitter) posts last March.

Jack Irvine, spokesperson for the Easdale family, stated: “Sandy and James are definitely going after the £400,000 they’re owed.

“They’re prepared to bankrupt him if that’s what’s needed.

“Online harassers must learn that they can’t spread false distressing claims about people, along with their friends and family, without facing legal consequences.”

The Easdales initiated the lawsuit for damages against Hendry in Edinburgh’s Court of Session in May. Hendry, hailing from Eastbourne, Sussex, was commanded to remove the offensive posts and videos and prohibited from repeating such claims.

He was brought back to court after he reiterated those claims on social platforms in November and December.

During a hearing the previous month, he was convicted of contempt of court by Lord Braid.

Hendry, joining the court via video and defending himself, offered his apologies to the Easdales.

He informed the court about his financial struggles, being on benefits and lagging behind on a £1800 monthly mortgage payment, mentioning, “It looks like I’m gonna lose my house.”

Lord Braid decided to postpone Hendry’s sentencing for a six-month period.

To date, none of the £400,000 has been settled to the Easdales, proprietors of McGill’s Buses in Greenock.

In a separate incident this August, Hendry was found guilty at Wirral Magistrates’ Court for harassment, having falsely accused a 40-year-old local of being a “drug and gun lord” on social media. Hendry was slapped with a £250 fine and must pay damages.

Back in 2017, Sandy Easdale won a defamation lawsuit, securing £200,000 against John Houston, 38, from Greenock, who implicated his businesses in illegality via social media.

Paul Hendry has not given any statements when the Sunday Mail reached out for comments.

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