Elderly Scotsman Stuck in Spanish Hospital Unable to Return Home Due to Insurance Issues

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A Scottish pensioner is stuck in a Spanish hospital with no way to get home after her insurance provider refused to cover the cost of her medical repatriation, amounting to thousands of pounds.

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Joan Rose, 82, developed an infection in both legs while celebrating her daughter’s 50th birthday in Mallorca. What was supposed to be a relaxing holiday quickly turned into a nightmare, as reported by Edinburgh Live.

Her family has started a fundraising campaign to raise £20,000 to cover the costs of repatriating Joan back to the UK. They have no choice but to turn to the public for help due to insurance complications.

Joan had traveled to Mallorca with her daughter Natasha and son-in-law David for a ten-day holiday on April 2. She began to feel unwell on April 8, with her legs appearing swollen and a worrying shade of pink. Joan was rushed to a hospital in Palma, where tests revealed she had a streptococcal infection in both legs.

Natasha said, “We tried to make a claim on our insurance, but we were told they would only cover 51 per cent of the costs. This means we will have to pay roughly €30,000 to get her back home. My mum has been in the hospital since April 8, and although my husband and I extended our stay by ten days, we had to come home because we were incurring too many charges. We are desperate to get her back with us.”

The couple was able to stay in Mallorca for an extra ten days thanks to a friend’s apartment, but Natasha also has her own health issues and had to return home for medication. Joan encouraged them to leave to start raising funds for the medical costs.

Natasha explained, “My mum has been really up and down since she was admitted to hospital. She struggled to communicate and felt humiliated, wearing a nappy. It’s been very stressful for her, and she faces pressure from the hospital as she’s due to be discharged soon. We just don’t have €30,000 to pay the fees.”

The longer Joan stays in hospital, the more costs accrue. Natasha and her husband are struggling to cope with the stress, especially as they are spread across different time zones with family in Israel, America, and South Africa.

“My mum worked all her life and only retired when she was 72,” said Natasha. “She’s been through so much and has always been there for others. Now, we’re asking for help to bring her home.”

The whole situation has also taken its toll on Natasha’s health. She said, “It’s horrendously stressful for everyone, and I’ve developed a chest infection because of it. My mum is a truly incredible woman, and she doesn’t deserve any of this.”

The family hopes the public will come to their aid, allowing Joan to come home and get the care and support she needs.

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