Edinburgh Local Plans to Ascend Seven Munros in One Day to Generate Funds for Animal Welfare Charity

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An Edinburgh woman plans to climb seven Munros in 24 hours to celebrate her 40th birthday. Ola, who works at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, has set herself a goal to climb 40 Munros before her milestone birthday. To accomplish this, she and her husband, along with their dog, have already conquered 17 Munros since they started their mission on January 1.

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Ola’s challenge is more than just a personal achievement; it’s also a fundraiser for the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, a charity she is passionate about, as reported by Edinburgh Live.

Hillwalking has long been a passion for Ola, and moving to Scotland has only deepened her love for it. She explains, “Scottish hillwalking is incredible. It’s like another level here! It’s not for everybody because it is straining, it’s time-consuming, with long drives and long days.” Despite the physical demands, Ola says the experience has had a positive impact on her mental health and that it has become “addictive.”

Ola encourages others to take up hillwalking, especially those with busy minds, noting that it requires focus and attention to avoid injuries like sprained ankles. She acknowledges that the challenge has been tough but believes the support from friends and family is a great motivator.

Reflecting on her work at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, Ola shares her enthusiasm for the organization’s mission: “Animal welfare is so important to me. I can see how much everyone at the Home cares about the animals we support and how we look outside of the Home to support pet owners in the community as well.” For this reason, she chose to dedicate her challenge to the charity.

“It feels good to challenge yourself to commit to something tough, and support from friends and family is a huge motivator,” Ola said, encouraging others who might be inspired by her journey. She advises anyone considering a similar challenge to ensure they know what they’re getting into and to have a clear reason for doing it.

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