DWP Implements Free Prescriptions for Universal Credit Recipients

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has rolled out an update for folks on Universal Credit when it comes to snagging free prescriptions.

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So here’s the deal: If you’re on Universal Credit, you might just qualify for freebies on your prescriptions, dental care, and eye tests. But hold up, there’s new info on the Government’s website you gotta check out.

Back in the day, you’d tick off the box for income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance on your prescription, but that’s old news. Now, there’s a shiny new Universal Credit tick box on the back.

Here’s the DWP’s latest: To get your hands on those free prescriptions, you gotta have raked in £435 or less in your last assessment period, or if you’re getting extra for a kiddo or because work’s a challenge, it’s £935 or less.

When they say the ‘last assessment period,’ they’re talking about the one that wrapped up right before you put in your claim for the free health stuff. And hey, if you’re teamed up and claiming Universal Credit together, that earnings cap counts for both of you.

Your earnings? You’ll spot them on your statement under ‘Your total take-home pay for this period’, as Plymouth Live spelled out. And just in case neither you nor your better half are clocking in for work, then your earnings will show up as a big ol’ £0.00.

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