Distraught Single Mum Expresses Despair Over Allocation of ‘Filthy’ Council House

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A Scots mum has expressed outrage after being assigned a “filthy” council house cluttered with trash reaching the door.

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Diane Gilchrist was appalled upon seeing the two-bedroom residence in Hamilton, which was littered with trash and broken glass in the yard, featured a grimy stove, and even had a stained mattress left in one of the bedrooms.

However, officials informed her that they couldn’t remove the debris. The single mother of three was reduced to tears when she was informed that the apartment was the only option available, and if she refused it, it would be given to “a family that really needs it.”

Diane, 38, is eager to secure a residence for her children Katie, 15; Imogen, 11, who is autistic; and Garry, 18, who is training as a helicopter specialist in the Army.

After an eight-month wait on the emergency housing list, this property is the only one she has been offered.

With her current rental agreement expiring on May 20, she fears being stuck with the undesirable apartment.

She stated, “My landlord is selling the property, so I must relocate. But I can’t afford the deposit for another private rental. The condition of the house provided by the council is appalling.

“There are black garbage bags obstructing the gas meter; it’s untidy and dangerous.”

“The stove is unusable due to its filth. And there’s a soiled mattress in the bedroom. If this was on a street, it would be cleaned; how can they expect a family with children to reside here? It should have been renovated to a habitable standard.”

“They claimed they couldn’t remove the mattress. Yet, they said I could paint the house if I chose. I wasn’t hoping for paradise, just a clean, habitable place. It’s a disaster.”

Diane criticized the house’s condition and the council’s lack of support. She noted, “I’ve dealt with five housing officers in eight months, and their ineptitude has been appalling.”

With her family in Airdrie, Diane can’t rely on them for assistance. She needs to remain in the area so her daughters can continue at their current schools. Now, she feels she has no options left.

She continued, “I feel abandoned. It’s like we’re at the bottom of the heap, and they don’t care about the conditions we’re forced to live in. There’s no way I can let my girls stay in this place.”

“They mentioned I might be in temporary housing for up to a year. Those who need assistance the most deserve to be treated with basic human decency.”

A spokesperson for South Lanarkshire Council stated: “The local homeless team have spoken with Ms. Gilchrist today and have apologized for the state of the property, which was below the standard typically expected of our service.

“The team have assured Ms. Gilchrist that suitable alternative accommodation will be found before May 20, and we will continue to support her and her family during this challenging period.”

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